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About Me

Zelda Pickup.jpg

I am a painter in oils specialising most recently in contemporary still life.

My paintings are a celebration of colour and of the joy to be found in essentially domestic subjects. My interest lies in the use of simple forms and vibrant colours together with an altered perspective. This combination lifts the work out of the ordinary. Juxtaposed with the domestic subject matter and the vibrant colours, I find there is also an enigmatic sense of distance and singularity in the paintings, which is unexpected.


I have long been interested in the use of colour and its effect on mood and atmosphere. The desire to find a combination, which unlocks a particular vision, is the constant motivation for my work.


After successful exhibitions at the Art Fair Cheshire and at the Clonterbrook House Gallery in 2022, my work has recently been selected for Will's Art Warehouse curated website ( I am delighted by this collaboration and the opportunity to showcase my work on a global platform.

I am also excited to have moved into a new art studio in late 2022, which provides more space for creativity and the development of larger works.

I am opening my studio at Clonterbrook House in Cheshire on Thursday, 18th May 2023. Details of opening times to follow.


Also, building on the success of our last exhibition the Clonterbrook Creatives will hold an art exhibition at Clonterbrook House Gallery from Friday, 3rd November to Sunday, 5th November 2023.


Regular updates and information can be found on my Instagram account: zeldaartistcheshire.

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