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About Me

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I am a painter in oils and, while I continue to paint other subjects, I have specialised most recently in contemporary still life.

My paintings are a celebration of colour and of the joy to be found in essentially domestic subjects. My interest lies in the use of simple forms and vibrant colours together with an altered perspective. This combination lifts the work out of the ordinary. Juxtaposed with the domestic subject matter and the vibrant colours, I find there is also an enigmatic sense of distance and singularity in the paintings, which is unexpected.


I have long been interested in the use of colour and its effect on mood and atmosphere. The desire to find a combination, which unlocks a particular vision, is the constant motivation for my work.


The Northern Girls held a well-attended and hugely successful exhibition at Clonterbrook Gallery in early November 2023. Thank you to everyone who came along and made the event such a triumph. We are planning more events in 2024, and I will post news of those in due course.

I am opening my studio at Clonterbrook on 14th December, 2pm to 8pm, for a Christmas viewing. So please come along and join me for a minced pie and mulled wine. Regular updates on events will appear on Instagram @zeldaartistcheshire and @northerngirls_art.

The Northern Girls have recently been interviewed on their various art practices and I thought you might like to read some of my thoughts on this.

Q. How do you approach the creative process? Do you plan meticulously or embrace spontaneity?


A. I have a general idea before I start but the work develops in spontaneous directions as I paint. It becomes a compilation of ideas about colour, distorted perspective and form.


Q. What techniques or media do you use to create your artwork? 


A. I  always use oil paint and mostly paint on board as I like the resistance to the brush and the underlying surface.


Q. Are there any specific artists or art movements that have influenced your style?


A. I have been influenced by numerous artists over the years. For colour, probably Matisse and Van Gogh. For perspective distortion, Mary Fedden among many others.


Q. Can you explain the concept or message behind your work?


A. There isn’t really a message. Conceptually I’m trying to create something complex which looks deceptively simple.


Q. What emotions or reactions do you hope to evoke in viewers through your art?


A. I want the works to be joyous and positive in feeling, while also encouraging some curiosity about the painting and how it works.

Q. What inspired you to create Autumn Harvest?








A. I had collected fruit from my garden and I wanted to put together a complex compilation including these.

Q. How does your artwork reflect your personal experiences or worldview?


A. It reflects my view that in difficult sometimes dark periods of worldwide change and hardship we should look for joy in the things that surround us. 


Q. Can you share any interesting or challenging moments you encountered while creating this piece?


 A. This piece had many technical challenges including the positioning of the objects and the use of many different colours that had to harmonise as a whole. The introduction of a red can be particularly difficult.


Q. How do you know when a piece is finished? Do you ever feel tempted to keep making changes?


A. It takes me a long time to feel that a piece is finished and I do have to fight the tendency to keep changing things. I’m trying to train myself to walk away.


Q. Do you sell online?


A. I can be contacted through my website and I have sold works this way.


Q. Do you accept commissions?


A. It depends on the subject matter. I am interested in painting objects, fabrics etc that have a personal resonance for someone but they will be distorted and not an exact reproduction.

Regular updates and information can be found on my Instagram account: zeldaartistcheshire.

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