About Me

Zelda Pickup.jpg

Painting is a passion and a hugely important part of my life.


My preferred medium is oil paint used either on canvas or board. It suits every painting mood and subject matter, whether semi abstraction or figurative and naturalistic. Although I sometimes move into watercolour or acrylic for quick sketch work, I nearly always return to oils for finished pieces.


I have recently spent some time working in portraiture and this has led into a more graphic approach to my landscape and other works. My current work contains a stronger drawn element with looser painting. I have a deep interest in the use of colour and its ability to convey mood and emotion.


Painting, for me, is an ongoing process of discovery and a desire to find the combination that unlocks the power of the artist's vision.

After a successful exhibition at the Art Fair Cheshire, I am planning to exhibit at Clonterbrook House Gallery in Swettenham, Cheshire. The exhibition will be open from the 30 September to the 2nd October 10am to 4pm. Please see the official poster and a press release below.

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